One hand luggage per passenger with maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 20 cm and weight no more than 5 kg is allowed on board. IGavion reserves the right to check the weight and dimensions prior the boarding.


Each passenger is allowed to check-in one registered luggage not exceeding 12 kg free of charge or 20 kg if the passenger bought a flexible ticket. Infants (childen under the age of 24 months) who share passenger seats do not have a luggage allowance. Luggage allowance for children over the age of 24 months is the same as for adult passenger. IGavion reserves the right to refuse the carriage of articles which may cause danger to safety of the flight, persons or property before or during the flight. IGavion may also refuse the carriage of articles which could be damaged easily or items where packaging is not meeting the required criteria. The following articles are not permitted in checked luggage:

– money, cheques, credit cards
– valuable papers and other valuable articles
– personal identification cards, business or other documents
– medication, keys, sunglasses
– jewellery, or items of precious stone/metal
– mobile phones, photo cameras, video cameras, personal computers, notebooks, CDs or other
electronic equipment
– items which expire quickly
– artistic works, fragile items and other valuable items
– alcohols and cigarettes

In case of any doubt, please contact our customer service.

IGavion is not liable for loss or damage of these articles.
Checked baggage must be suitably packaged, firmly closed, locked and an ID tags attached. With the company’s consent, other articles such as food and animals can be carried. Transport of food and small live animals is subject to the charge established by the Carrier. Food has to be suitably packaged and animals have to be in a cage.


You must store your electronic cigarettes in the hand luggage.


Following last events caused by Samsung Galaxy Note 7’ battery, it is required to all users to:
– not use or charge this device on board
– not carry this cellphone in registered luggage
– inform cabin crew when the device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost or falls into the seat structure


For security reasons, the acceptance and the transportation of the excess luggage is at the company own discretion and an additional fee shall be paid for each kg exceeding 12 kg or 20 kg for flexible tickets holders. IGavion reserves the right to refuse any luggage in excess.
A folding baby stroller is not considered as an excess luggage and can be carried for free.

Authorized outsized luggage with prior approval by the service desk:

a) one pair of skis, including one pair of sticks
b) one golf bag with golf equipment
c) special shaped bag tied-off from only one side
d) one pair of standard water skis or one water slalom ski
e) one set of diving equipment, suitably packaged, oxygen bottles cannot be carried under pressure and they must be empty (employees of the company are permitted to check the bottles). Full bottles shall not be accepted for carriage. If wet suit and diving shoes are packaged in checked-in baggage and they do not exceed 12kg, they are not classed as oversized or as special item.
f) one musical instrument not exceeding the length of 100cm
g) arms and ammunition, one set contains: maximum of 2 arms, 5kg of ammunition, tripod, silencer, and a little set of maintenance tools or 2 heavy arms in boxes or sets of maximum of 5 revolvers, 5 kg of ammunition, silencer, additional telescope and a little maintenance set.
h) one bike

Claims for damaged baggage, which was not checked in or any damage to passenger’s health or personal property must be made immediately to the company or handling agent and report shall be made. If a claim is not made within the required period of time, passenger is obliged to prove that damage was caused by the company. If very serious injury occurred, a report must be written by the company.
Claims for damaged baggage must be made immediately or within 7 days. Claims for damaged carried goods must be made immediately or within 14 days from the day it was delivered. Claims for delayed carried goods must be made within 25 days. Claims for lost carried goods must be made within 120 days.


In case of inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our claims department:

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